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We are no longer printing toilet paper but we do have other options for you!
For printed toilet paer - JustTP
For Hilarious gag gifts (and some printed TP) - Check out Prankplace!

I print the celebrities that you love to hate, or that you just need more of!

Think you have every piece of memoribilia with your favourite celebrity on it? Think again, get your roll of celebrity toilet paper. If you do not see the celebrity you want then order a custom roll for the same price

We have Paris Hilton toilet paper, the Jonas Brothers toilet paper, Kanye West Toilet Paper, Jon Gosselin toilet paper and more! Want another celebrity on a roll? Get their face printed on toilet paper. I can print any image, just order a custom roll

Do you like Celbrity Toilet Paper? Share it with the tools below

Don't see the Celebrity you want? Order a custom roll