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Are you sick and tired of hearing about Paris Hilton. Get a roll of Paris Hilton toilet paper with her beautiful face printed right on it! We offer two rolls of Paris Hilton toilet paper, but if you want another picture then just order a custom roll

Paris Hilton Toilet Paper Roll 1

This roll of Paris Hilton toilet paper features Paris laughing it up and having a great time. Whether you love her or hate her this is the perfect roll of Paris Hilton toilet paper

Paris Hilton Toilet Paper roll 2

This is the image that will be used on the Paris Hilton toilet paper. Order now!

We are no longer printing toilet paper but we do have other options for you!
For printed toilet paer - JustTP
For Hilarious gag gifts (and some printed TP) - Check out Prankplace!

I print the first two revolutions of each roll. I am the ONLY person who offers affordable custom toilet paper. I can print any non-copyrighted image on a roll. My rolls are for display only. If you are looking for printed toilet paper with the entire roll printed that you can actually use you could try Prank Place or link JustTP or NoveltyTP Thank you