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Christmas Toilet Paper

Complete Your Holiday Decor!

Are you looking for a way to add a little more cheer to your holiday season? Sure home cooked meals, and a christmas tree with gifts underneath is the traditional way to do things.....but why not break the mold!!

Be the only one you know who has Christmas toilet paper, or buy in bulk and give as a gift to your friends and family (spread the christmas joy) Our holiday toilet paper rolls make a great addition to holiday gift baskets!

Shake things up this holiday season with some charming rolls of christmas toilet paper. We recommend the following rolls from our partners. The entire roll is printed and they are safe to use! Check out both of the sites featured below as they both have great Christmas Toilet Rolls!

From Justtoiletpaper

Just toilet paper has some really cool and simple designs. These are great if you are looking for classy Christmas toilet paper.

Holiday Bathroom Tissue - Christmas Toilet Paper

Click here to see more Rolls

From Noveltytp

Noveltytp has some great rolls of christmas toilet paper. I really like the busy santa roll (with santa claus busy on the toilet!) and they have some other really funny and cute christmas toilet rolls. The rolls below are just some of the Christmas toilet paper rolls they carry. See them all here


Santa Claus Toilet Paper
Santa Claus Toilet Paper

christmas toilet paper
Christmas Toilet Paper

Snowman Toilet Paper
Snowman Toilet Paper

Reindeer toilet paper
Reindeer Toilet Paper

Polar bear toilet Paper
Polar Bear Toilet Paper

See more Christmas Toilet Paper rolls here

From Prank Place

Toilet Mug

toilet mug

Buy Here and see more uses for the mug on my toilet mug page



Santa Crapping Toilet Paper
santa crapping down the chimney

Buy Here - Because who doesn't want a roll of toilet paper with santa claus crapping down the chimney?


Gingerbread Pornament

gingerbread pornament

Buy here - For more of these gems, click the link and search for pornaments

These custom rolls of Christmas Toilet Paper are a great way to decorate the washroom. It used to be difficult to decorate the bathroom with Christmas decor, but not anymore. Why not order a mix pack of these Christmas rolls and give your bathroom a little holiday touch!!

The holiday bathroom tissue can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. Give your guests something to talk about by placing a roll of Christmas toilet paper around the house.

Add Personality to Your Bathroom!

Some of the designs available are Elks toilet paper, Ice Skater toilet paper, Santa toilet paper, Holly toilet paper, Santa's Hat toilet paper and Snowman toilet paper!!

There is a great variety to choose from. Jeremyinc Works with justtoiletpaper to cover all your needs for custom printed toilet paper.

Justtoiletpaper prints all of their rolls with soy based inks which means it is not harmful to the environment, and should not cause any irritation if used. Click Here for more information