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If you have an issue, have a tissue! The perfect comeback to someone who will not stop whinning! If you work with someone who contstantly complains then get a few of these rolls and the next time they turn on the waterworks, toss this roll over the cubicle!

This complaint department toilet paper would be perfect on the counter of any mechanics shop. Let your customers know how much you care!

Complaint Department Roll

if you have an issue, have a tissue

If you have an issue, have a tissue roll

This is our second roll with slighty modified wording this one says If you have an issue, here's a tissue Both rolls are good if you have a constant complainer.

custom printed toilet paper

We are no longer printing toilet paper but we do have other options for you!
For printed toilet paer - JustTP
For Hilarious gag gifts (and some printed TP) - Check out Prankplace!