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This is a very unique gift to give for the 1st anniversary, or paper anniversary. Your partner or friend will be VERY surprised to open this gift. If you are looking for the perfect paper anniversary gift then look no further 1st anniversary toilet paper! If you would like a custom roll of 1st anniversary toilet paper with the couples picture on it then just order a custom roll at no extra cost!

1st Anniversary Gift
1st Anniversary Gift


We are no longer printing toilet paper but we do have other options for you!
For printed toilet paer - JustTP
For Hilarious gag gifts (and some printed TP) - Check out Prankplace!

From Our Partners (entire roll printed, safe to wipe)

Use Heart toilet paper to compliment any 1st anniversary paper anniversary gift. Or put this roll in the bathroom for any special, romantic occasion. Another idea is to let a girl know how much you love her by toilet papering her entire front yard with this lovely roll of heart toilet paper (ok not recommended :D)


Heart Toilet Paper
Heart Toilet Paper

This is how the roll of heart toilet paper looks on a toilet paper holder

Paper Anniversary gift
Paper Anniversary Gift

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