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Barack Obama Toilet paper is my best selling roll! Whether you love him or hate him Barack Obama toilet paper is a hit. This roll is perfect for any political fan, great as a gift or order a few for yourself. I offer three different rolls of Obama toilet paper. If you do not see any rolls you like no problem. Send me ANY picture and I can print it for you for the same price.

My rolls are for display only, not actual use. I print the first few revolutions of each roll and then shrink wrap your roll to keep it safe for many years.

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Obama Toilet Paper - Entire Roll Printed

This is a cheaper alternative to the Obama Toilet paper I sell

Do you want Obama toilet paper with the entire roll printed? Well now you can get it. Unfortunately it is not as cool as the rolls I sell, and they are in black and white. BUT the entire roll is printed, and it is pretty cheap! So if you want some Obama tp with the whole roll printed (buy a 6 pack and toilet paper someones house!) You can get it here

Cheap Obama toilet paper, entire roll printed

This is an offer for some cheap Barack Obama toilet paper. The entire roll is printed and it is so cheap that you might as well get a 6 pack!

Buy it Here - Be sure to look at my rolls below.

Obama Bobble Head

This is my newest roll of Barack Obama toilet paper. This roll features obamas big head floating there on the roll!

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

Obama Toilet Paper
Obama Toilet Paper

My rolls are for display only, and each roll will come shrink wrapped to keep them safe! Instead of flushing your printed toilet paper down the toilet, why not display it somewhere where people can see it?

Barack Obama Toilet Paper
Barack Obama Toilet Paper

Obama Roll 1

barack obama toilet paper
Barack Obama Toilet Paper Roll 1


Obama Roll 2

Barack Obama Toilet Paper
Barack Obama Toilet Paper Roll 2


Obama Roll 3

Obama Toilet Paper
Barack Obama Toilet Paper Roll 3