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Commercial toilet paper dispensers come in various sizes, shapes and colours. Before ordering a toilet paper dispenser it is important to first decide which bathroom tissue dispenser would be right for your bathroom.

Toilet Paper Use?

How much toilet paper is being used in your business bathroom per day? If you have a large number of people using your bathroom then it would be best to order a commercial toilet paper holder that caries one or two jumbo rolls. Smaller toilet paper dispensers are great for bathrooms that are not used as often.

Types of Commercial Toilet Paper Dispensers

There are many types of commercial toilet paper holders. I will try to list the most popular types below.

  • Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser
    • Jumbo toilet paper dispensers are made to hold the jumbo rolls of toilet paper. Jumbo toilet paper dispensers come in single or double (holding one or two rolls)
  • Core or Coreless Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispensers
    • Coreless toilet paper dispensers are very popular because the rolls do not have a core, it is simple a roll of toilet paper. Using coreless toilet paper helps reduce waste, thus it is better for the environment.
  • Standard Toilet Paper Dispensers
    • Standard toilet paper dispensers typically hold one or two rolls of toilet paper. These dispensers are for bathrooms with less traffic such as small businesses. These dispensers are superior to the typical toilet paper holders because they are built solid in order to withstand more use than a normal house hold. They also take standard sized toilet paper rolls which means there is no need to order special rolls.
  • (Hygienic) Folding Toilet Paper Dispensers
    • Hygienic or folding toilet paper dispensers will dispense one square at a time. This is important to help reduce waste or over use of toilet paper.

Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser Price

Commercial toilet paper dispensers range in price from $7.79 to $130 per unit. The site I order from (click here to visit) has a very large selection of high quality commercial toilet paper dispensers between $20.00 - $40.00 each, however I encourage you to visit some of my sponsors and shop around before you buy.

The Best Toilet Paper Dispensers

In my mind the best toilet paper holders are made by San Jamar, Kimberly Clark and Georgia Pacific. You can visit their sites for information on their products however none of the above listed companies offer their products for sale on their web site, you must order from an authorized dealer. The site linked below carries all three brands and continually has the lowest price. To find the best selection search for toilet paper dispensers in the search box and then on the left hand side where it says browse by category select toilet paper dispensers (click here to visit the site)