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Are you looking to buy rolls of jumbo toilet paper. I can help you save money and the enviroment buy helping you select the best jumbo toilet paper rolls for the best price.

Jumbo Toilet Paper Length

Jumbo rolls of toilet paper vary in length. Most of the popular rolls range in length from 1000 - 2300 feet of toilet paper. They also vary in ply with the most popular being one or two ply. If you assume that the average customer would use 3 feet of toilet paper then we could assume a roll with 1000 feet of toilet paper should last 333 visits to the bathroom, while 2000 would last 666 visits. You can also buy commercial toilet paper dispensers that can hold two rolls of jumbo toilet paper allowing for up to 1332 visits to the bathroom.


Jumbo Toilet Paper Price

Rolls of jumbo or commercial toilet paper typically come in cases of 12 or 6 rolls. I order all of my commercial toilet paper and dispensers from my the same site because of their selection and low prices. The price range for cases of 12 rolls is $136.49 - $27.49 and the price range for a case of 6 rolls of jumbo toilet paper is $105.49 -$26.79 you should also ensure that the rolls will fit in your toilet paper dispenser before purchasing.


Jumbo Toilet Paper Manufacturers

The best selling jumbo toilet paper rolls are manufactured by Windsoft, Boardwalk, Kimberly-Clark, and Georgia Pacific. These companies do not offer the rolls for sale on their website. If you would like to purchase some jumbo toilet paper rolls then you must order them through an authorized dealer. I have looked all around and found that the best price and selection is this site. To find the best selection search for toilet paper in the search box and then on the left hand side where it says browse by category select jumbo roll toilet paper