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Businesses, commercial residences and offices experience a high level of traffic every day. Businesses must strive to meet every need of that their customer has and this includes bathroom needs. There is nothing more embarassing then running out of toilet papar at home, so just imagine how embarassing this would be in a public place!

Ensure that your customers needs are met by installing a jumbo toilet paper dispenser in your businesses bathroom. Jumbo toilet paper holders are the perfect solution for bathrooms that need to meet the demands of many people a day.

Jumbo toilet paper dispensers are built as single or twin, which means they can hold one or two jumbo toilet paper rolls. Jumbo toilet paper rolls come in one or two ply, and can range in length from 1000 to 2300 feet of toilet paper.

You can also buy core or coreless jumbo toilet paper dispensers. The coreless toilet paper is ideal because it has no cardboard core. This means that the roll is all toilet paper and no waste, this gives you more toilet paper per roll and helps reduce waste.

The Best Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispensers

The best and most popular jumbo toilet paper dispensers are manufactured by Kimberly Clark. Jamar, and Georgia Pacific (in my opinion) These toilet paper dispenser manufacturers have a wide variety of products available and take pride in continuing to produce the best toilet paper dispensers on the market. If you are interested in purchasing a toilet and would like the best selection I have found on the net with great prices you can visit the link below. To find the best selection search for toilet paper dispensers in the search box and then on the left hand side where it says browse by category select toilet paper dispensers (click here to visit the site)