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You among many other toilet paper users have long debated the question, should the toilet paper go over or under? Yes this is the issue that keeps many Canadians and Americans up at night (Not people from India though because they do not use toilet paper)

While there are many valid points to having the toilet paper over or under I do believe that hanging the toilet paper in the overhand position is the proper way. After all, whenever you go to a hotel you will almost certainly see the toilet paper in the overhand position folded in a neat triangle. If you insist that the toilet paper should go under then please refer to the images below. Special thanks to current config for the pics

First we start with the overall look and feel, just take a look at the two rolls below.

Toilet Paper OVer Under

Now we have the point of being able to see free toilet paper. Not like it is hard to spin the roll around and find a free square, but it's just nice to see one hanging there, just waiting for you to grab.

How To Hang Toilet Paper

Now we take into account the area where you will be holding the toilet paper. Notice the usual holding point of a toilet paper in the overhand position versus toilet paper hung underneath.

Toilet Paper Tearing

Now comes the real selling point of hanging toilet paper over instead of under, the one handed tear. Nobody holds the roll with one hand while gently tearing with the other, that's crazy. Us Canadians and Americans grab the toilet paper, wind up, and in one mighty swift motion tear off a chunk of tp and then wipe away. This poses a problem for an incorrectly positioned roll of toilet paper, see below.

Over Or Under Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Over or Under

Now there should be little debate over hanging the toilet paper over or under.